Monday, November 28, 2011

Noisy in the malls, quiet in the woods

   ROSCOMMON-While the stores were packed with shoppers and the roads jammed with traffic carrying them to and fro, the woods-at least in part of the north-were strangely quiet.
   "I didn't see anything or hear any shooting," Bill Semion said soon after arriving at his cabin after hunting late afternoon around Gladwin.
   I was outside puttering and heard two very distant but separate shots. While I saw some sign, neither of us saw any deer.
   That was true of the drive up, then later on into Frederic. "The number of deer here in Crawford County is a shame," river guide and fly tyer Sam Surre told me.
   He attributes it to too many seasons. "Make it bow from Oct. 15 to the end of the month, the firearms Nov. 15 until the end of November, a short miuzzleloader season and that's it," he said.
   According to the DNR the most and best hunting will be in south-central Michigan around Jackson and Battle Creek.
   Unless you know these areas or have a place to hunt the wise hunter would be smart to begin scouting them out early for next year.

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