Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snow is a sure sign

   The white stuff that hit Oakland County yesterday is a sure and definite sign winter is here. Even if it doesn't last, it brings out the snow fighting gear-shovels and blowers-along with salt to melt the slick spots.
   Skis will be brought out from the garage attic, a search might be on for poles and the rest of equipment required to downhill or cross country.
    And while lakes are still without ice, those of us that fish the hardwater will be eying buckets, augers and other assorted gear, thinking now is the time to get it all together before there is a mad scramble to find it once solid ice forms.
   Hunters; especially rabbit and deer hunters, will find snow attractive too. It makes for good tracking for small game as well as whitetail.
   With predicitons for another storm moving in here next week, could snowshoeing be far off? Hey, it's winter in Michigan!

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