Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stump picked out?

   Tuesday is the day, November 15, that you better have that stump picked out for. And if you hunt public land, plan on being on it around oh-dark-thirty so you don't lose it to someone else thinking it's their's to hunt.
   With my should out of commission I'll be staying close to Jon Curtis and Julies Oakes both DNR wildlife personnel out of Holly.
   They will be checking deer, answering questions, handing out successful hunters patches, and when time allows, driving their respective areas to get an idea as to hunting pressure.
   I will be riding with one of them or driving around North Oakland County for the latest in what is going on.
Keep an eye on the Oakland Press Facebook page and all the photos of bucks sure to be sent in.
   The prize for submitting is my undying grattitude. Good luck and have a safe hunt!

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