Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving is great any way you look at it!

   That goes for this year especially. First of course is to remember all of those things in life we are thankful for; family, friends, and good health along with the freedoms to enjoy them.
   I"ll have more in this Sunday's column in the Oakland Press. But we may as well put in a win by the Lions for another reason to be thankful or at least help put the cap on an otherwise great day.
   Then there will be the parade in Detroit. Always enjoyable in our home with some of my wife's homemade breakfast pie and coffee cake.
   Hunters will surely love the day as there is plenty of sunshine and very little wind predicted, making for good stump-setting time if you would rather hunt a whitetail than watch the guys in Honolulu Blue perform.
   However you celebrate Thanksgiving, be sure and make it a happy, safe and sober one!

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  1. Another chance to watch Miracle on 34th. Street and Christmas Story. Wonder how many times I've watched these classics.