Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Opening day weather-good or bad?

I vote good. DNR wildlife biologist Tim Payne would vote no. "Hunters like it when it's colder and there's snow," he said.
   Quite to the contrary. If I wasn't out trying to get a story to write and didn't have this bum shoulder, I would have said goodbye to my wife about 5:230a.m., took a good lunch, coffee, a couple of waters and snacks and stayed until dark.
   This was a perfect day to hunt, sit around and read, snack, maybe even catch a snooze.                                                                               
   Some would argue that's not true hunting. I argue it's whatever you make of it. What you enjoy when you're out. Hunting hard is one way to enjoy a hunt. So is a leisurely outing.
   Take your pick, just be safe. This time of the year wear lots of orange.


  1. Your right Roger, what ever makes you happy in the hunt. Just wear that blaze orange so everyone can see you. I don't hunt critters any more but love to hunt for those lost coins with a metal detector.

  2. I would have to agree, on opening day in houghton lake, I shot the biggest deer of my life on public land, never even new he was there!! 19.5" spread 9 point, big beautiful mature buck!!