Monday, December 5, 2011

Gray, cold, damp days, ugh!

   These types of days; cold, damp, and gray, make me wish we had stayed in sunny southern California. Then you look at the terrible storms, fires and earthquakes out there and figure you can handle this. Just give it some time.
   I confess that I am a victim of SAD or seasonal affective disorder. When the days continue like this, one after another, my outlook goes from good to bad in a hurry.
   My wife bought me one of those lamps that is supposed to help supplement the light you would get from the sun.
   I usually use it while at the computer. But I walk outdoors no matter the cold, snow or whatever. The docs say that any little bit of sunshine helps.
   Today I didn't receive any help while on my walk. It remained overcast and got colder almost with each step I took.
   But there is always tomorrow and no doubt a change in the weather. Keep your spirits up no matter the weather.
   And this is the season of the year that many of us look forward to as helping to maintain good, positive spirits and thoughts. Keep walking!

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