Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cougarsm skis and rabbits, Sunday column

   Cougars, that four-legged critter some swear they see while others equally loud, swear there is no such thing in Michigan. Read the latest on cougar sightings in the U.P. and whom saw what!
   Cross country ski folks interested in some volunteer work while at the same time getting good, outdoor exercise and being of a service and help to others, should look at the Ski Patrol program at Independence Oaks. Whether you have patrolled before or not, a mandatory meeting will take place soon. See my column for the details this Sunday.
   We've had hunts, mainly deer hunts for the kids. Now comes a rabbit hunt right after the first of the year in conjunction with the DNR, a state game area and conservation club.
   You'll read it all in this Sunday's Oakland Press!

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