Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weather prolonging the start of winter

With the balmy-like weather we've been experiencing, I can just about to see buds on trees, birds chirping, and my neighbor getting ready to plant his garden.
   While those are exaggerate!, the lack of snow and ice surely has put a damper on businesses that depend on those things.
   Any snow made by area ski resorts is either all gone by now or it's turned to heavy slush. Even the resorts up north are suffering.
   "We've sure had it good with the weather," friend Dave Johnson said yesterday. Johnson, a retired heavy equipment operator says he would have been operating in shirt sleeves had he still been on the job.
   When it's this wet I prefer staying indoors and getting something done that otherwise would wait until I got back from skiing or ice fishing.
   Still, remember to dress for the weather, including a hat. This type of weather is made to catch a cold or some other virus.
   Stay positive!

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