Monday, December 26, 2011

No snow-still plenty to do

   Get outside now while we have sunshine and mild temperatures for this time of the year. This is a good time to naturally collect that vitamin D the sun produces and we need for energy especially over the winter.
   Make your time outdoors productive by hiking one of the many nearby trails including Paint Creek, Independence Oaks County Park or the Huron-Clinton Park system.
   Don't forget the opportunities within the several state lands that are in our area or at least nearby. If you feel adventuresome, try a paddle on the Huron River. Dress warm even though the sun has been poking through and by all means wear a PFD.
   Around home, finish those outdoor chores you didn't think you would have time for. With a break in the weather, now is a good time to clean any pet residue left in the yard.
   Finish trimming and cleaning up where you can. Don't destroy any plant roots as they are comfortably asleep this time of the year. If anything, give them a heap of mulch or leaves to help them winter through.
   People like me who are always in the garage now have a change to get at the organization portion especially in those garages that aren't heated.
    Stay healthy by getting out for a slow, gently walk. Speed and difficulty can come after you get back into shape.

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