Monday, May 7, 2012

Angler surveys-important info for DNR planning

   Angler or creel surveys are one of the ways the DNR fisheries folks can keep an eye on what is happening to Michigan bodies of water.
   Besides meeting and talking with anglers, especially when coming off the water, other methods like shocking are used o determine how many of a certain species are present, whether or not any fish are hosting diseases, and the size and age of fish.
   Creel clerks will be checking on what kind of fish were caught and released and possibly weighing and measuring any fish that are kept.
   This information tells the DNR how many hours are spent fishing, what fish are being targeted,  an how many fish were harvested.
   So, if you are asked at the dock about your catch, be patient and understand the information you provide is important for the future of our fisheries.

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