Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mineral right issues never go away

   Recently reported in the Oakland Press, the DNR is in the process (or is it business?) of selling mineral rights.
   This has been an ongoing issue with sportsmen pitted against officials as well as oil and gas speculators. A few years back the scene wasn't in Oakland County but in the precious Mason Tract along the south branch of the AuSable River near Roscommon.
   The drillers claimed your method-that of willing underground away from the river, then angling so as to reach potential mineral sources under or near the river-was safe.
   Safe is relative and in the eyes of the driller. But suppose it is. What about all the equipment needed to be brought in causing untold damage to the nearby environment such as creating roads, areas for any waste material, and the destruction of trees and other habitat that is part of such an operation.
   Then there is the issue of noise. Drilling isn't silent. For those that live near drilling sites their peace and harmony will be an issue.
   To learn more about potential sites on the auction block go to or call (517) 373-7663.

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