Friday, May 4, 2012

Be sure of your footing with a wading staff-Part three

   You have heard of a good fishing spot that is somewhat remote and not well known. Arriving at this new water you notice it looks shallow; you can see the bottom.
   The seems to be very little or no current and bet of all, there aren't any other fishermen. You suit up, grab your fly rod and move to the edge of the water.
  Stepping off the bank, you gingerly advance one foot sort of testing the bottom. All seems well. The bottom holds and seems to be firm. The next foot comes in and you're now ready to explore this new water.
   A few more steps and you'll be able to throw a line near a log that looks like a good fish-holding spot. That next step you take puts you right in the slop. The otherwise firm bottom gives way to thick muck that seems dot have no bottom to it. Before you know it, your up to your chest in water and muck.
   A wading staff would have allowed you to probe the bottom well before taking another step. Exploring-testing the bottom-is one of the uses of the staff.
   When you probe the bottom and it gives way to the staff's end you have a good indication of what your full weight might do.
   Enjoy that out-of-the-way spot, but be safe. Next time check the bottom ahead of you to be sure the footing is safe and secure.

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