Monday, May 21, 2012

Lots of ways to fish a Senko

   Attention all you Senko anglers out there. Scott Hammer from northern Virginia told me he knows of 70 different ways to fish the popular soft plastic Senko.
   The conversation took place Saturday in Bill McElroy's garage. Present was McElroy, Hammer, Carlos Hathcock, Ken Neeley, and me.
   Hammer related how he had been asked to provide information on 20 different ways to fish the popular bait.
   This same group gets together each year the week before Memorial Day to rekindle friendships that have lasted over 10 years.
   Sunday, they will all head out for Harsen's Island and a week of fishing and camaraderie with headquarters being the house they rent right on the water.
   Stay tuned for next week's column in The Oakland Press about this group that calls itself the MVM, and  perhaps a couple ways to fish that Senko.

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