Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Berkley's Pure Fishing-innovations for anglers

   Probably the largest producer of soft plastic baits has to be Berkley. Coming to you in tiny sizes for ice fishing, right on to the new 12-inch worm, a variation of these products in sizes and colors is no doubt in a lot of anglers tackle boxes and bags.
   So is their line. The amount of different lines for different uses and conditions is overwhelming to me, personally.
   Coming out a background of fishing with the old cotton braid line, we thought we were in heaven when nylon or "catgut" as we called it made the fishing scene.
   Never mind that. Now you have a choice between low and high stretch, line that saws off weeds and is strong enough to tow a truck on it's own, to line that is invisible to fish.
   That same scent found in Gulp, Havoc, and Berkley PowerBait is also present in Flicker Shads and Frenzy crank baits.
   PowerBait and Gulp  have been widely known and used on the Bassmaster Trail. They are becoming a go to bait these days for professional walleye anglers.
   Hey, if it's good enough for them, it certainly is for me. That's why I tie on a soft plastic every time I go fishing.

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