Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Memorial Day-Not far from anglers minds

   When the group that calls itself the MVM (Michigan, Virginia Mafia) gets together for their annual week of fishing just prior to the Memorial Day weekend, thoughts of those that have paid the ultimate price in defense of the country are remembered.
   Carlos Hathcock III, a 22-year Marine Corps Veteran and retired gunnery sergeant most likely has his dad Carlos II on his mind.
   Hathcock II, also a retired Marine "gunny sergeant" served during a couple of tours during the Viet Nam war.
   He's largely known for having the most confirmed kills as a sniper. Outside of his solitary duties and missions as a sniper-accompanied only by his spotter- behind enemy lines, Hathcock II was a perfect shot.
   However, little is known about his life-saving heroics. "A tank was hit and caught fire," Carlos III said.
   "Dad climbed on the tank and rescued the tankers despite receiving severe burns," he said. It's memories such as these that remind us of what Memorial Day is about.

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