Friday, February 8, 2013

Bird enthusiasts-Get ready for annual backyard bird count

click.jpgclick.jpg   Whether you are and experienced bird watcher or just interested in watching birds the annual Great Backyard Bird Count is from Feb. 15-18.
   It's as easy as looking out your window at the bird feeder. Just watch for 15 minutes, add the numbers of the different species you see and send the results to

   The GBBC is a joint project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Audubon, with Canadian partner Bird Studies Canada.
  The GBBC is open to anyone of any skill level and welcomes bird observations from any location, including backyards, national parks, gardens, wetlands, and urban landscapes.
   The four-day count typically receives sightings from tens of thousands of people reporting more than 600 bird species in the United States and Canada alone.
   "This count is so much fun because anyone can take part, whether you are an expert, novice, or feeder watcher," said Gary Langham, Audubon’s Chief Scientist.
"The popularity of the Great Backyard Bird Count grows each year," said Dick Cannings, Senior Projects Officer at Bird Studies Canada, "and with the new features, participation will be even more exciting."

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