Monday, February 18, 2013

Predator hunting-targeting coyotes

   Hunters around Custer and the Fountain area in Northwest Michigan are finding a new hunting experience once deer season is over.
   A group and probably others, chases coyotes. From all reports, it's a fun time outdoors whether they take anything or not.
   Weapon of choice is a 12-gauge shotgun, at least for JW McCormick. "I used to use a rifle but couldn't hit anything," he said. "Then I changed to a shotgun with buckshot and have had more success."
   This coming from a hunter who annually takes nice bucks with a bow and in the firearms season, with rifle.
   It sounds like there isn't a lot of scouting involved. Snow is a good thing to look for sign such as footprints.
   Then it's a matter of figuring out where the elusive critters are crossing roads, get an idea of the surrounding area, and get hunters in position when the animal shows itself.
   That's one way of hunting. Others prefer to take a stand but not longer than 30 minutes. These hunters will "call in" coyotes using a wounded game call.
   One thing for certain is knowing the direction of the wind. Coyotes will stay upwind to get a sent then circle around to find what's giving it off.
JW McCormick with coyote taken a few weeks ago.
   There's even a group that baits with expired meat products along with calling. Whichever method you try be ready for some fast action once a coyote is sighted. They aren't going to stand still to offer much of a target.JW McCormick with recently taken coyote.

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