Friday, February 1, 2013

Staying warm ice fishing is a matter of good clothing

   This Sunday's column deals with cold temperatures on Lake Mitchell in Cadillac last week and some of the equipment used to fight the elements.
   I have been talking up my new Ice Armor Extreme ice fishing suit. It's got more insulation than other suits. You can tell it's made different the moment you pick it up and put it on. It's heavier, but still comfortable.
   Outside on the parka are so many zipper pockets that you're going to forget which ones have the smaller equipment you carry stored.
   I like the extra long back panel on the parka. It completely covers your read so no wind blows up around your waist and back. It's also an added bonus when sitting on a bucket because it gives you an added layer of warmth.
   The bib overall bottoms are also heavy and warm. They have reinforced knees which making kneeling on the ice more comfortable while at the same time protecting the suit.
   If you are considering new outerwear for ice fishing you can't beat the Clam Ice Armor line. I tested it in winds around 25mph with actual temperatures at minus 5 degrees and didn't get cold all day.
   Staying warm and comfortable while ice fishing is half the battle. The other half is trying to get the fish to bite!

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