Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Last ice school-successful

   For students at Mark Martin's final ice fishing school of the season, the event was a success. Reached by phone yesterday (where else but on Saginaw Bay's ice) Martin said he was in a spot he knew would produce.
   "We're about three miles out," he said. "We're all alone. Since the media said the ice was just about gone, we've got the bay to ourselves."
   Granted, they had to be careful as to where they went, but along with experience, Martin said you have to pay attention to what you are doing and where you are going especially on large bodies of water like the Bay.
   Class members caught fish, learned how to set up their tackle to put them on the road to success and probably most important but often overlooked, a chance to exchange tactics and experiences with others in the group along with the excellent pro staff.
   I have two suggestions. If you are headed for Saginaw Bay anytime but especially this time of the year don't venture out without getting some excellent, reliable, local information.
   Finally, if you want to hang with the big guys and learn more about ice fishing, be sure and attend one of Martin's schools next year. Stay safe!

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