Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snow isn't going away

   Just when you may think the spring thaw is right around the corner, bam, we get hit with another covering of the white stuff.
   The ski resorts and cross country ski set are no doubt enjoying it. A good friend, Bill Semion, is making the most of the winter's decent snowfall by hitting the trails in the Mason Tract just outside of Roscommon.
   This is an in and out trail. There is no loop and back to the car. In fact, you part in a small lot next to the south branch of the AuSable River, then carry your skis along the road, over the bridge to the beginning of the trails.
   I've skied it once or twice. It's not difficult going. It probably would land on the low side of intermediate skiing.
   You're in the woods most of the way, skiing along a trail with the AuSable River visible for much of the way.
   But with options for cross country close by, you may want to stay here with those soaring gas prices.
If so give Independence Oaks or Kensington Metropark a try.
   This may be your last chance for the season.

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