Monday, February 4, 2013

Ice fishing-still on the agenda

   The 18th annual Ice Jam is taking place this next weekend. Walleye professional Mark Sak and several of his touring walleye buddies began this little outing years ago.
   I've been invited to fish in it for just about as l;one as it's been in existence but due to scheduling and the weather from year to year, I haven't been able to get to many.
   The day starts out with meeting everyone and talking over the past year. Bets are made, pools are formed-biggest fish, most fish, etc.- then we hit the ice.
   Some fish alone but most of us are in pairs or three's and four's. Before we go out Sak takes the time to point of different aspects of the lake like structure, points, weeds and anything else that may prove to be information that will help determine where best to set up and fish.
   Everyone brings something to share for lunch, sort of a potluck affair. By noon or 1p.m., lines are pulled and we head in for something hot to eat and figure out who the winner or winners are for this year.
   Some hang around to fish the later afternoon bite while others call it a day. But what a day it's been. I always look forward to this trip.
   I think it's due to the great company and camaraderie, the relaxed atmosphere and good food. Even if fishing is slow or difficult it's still a great day.

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