Monday, September 2, 2013

You can't be safe enough in the field

   If you hunt with a bow or firearm you need to be aware of and safe with your equipment at all times. It's like passing a knife or ax to another person. You never do it blade first.
   The old adage that any gun is never safe or unloaded is a good one to remember and follow. As beginning hunter, I got into the habit of emptying my dad's shotgun then letting the butt rest on the ground while I placed the barrel under my chin to relax.
   The first time he saw me do that he went ballistic. "Never do that. What if that gun was loaded?" I told him I had emptied it first.
   It doesn't make any difference. Treat all guns as though they were loaded. Safety is one of this biggest things you will learn at a hunter safety course. And if you plan to hunt this year, you better plan on taking a course. God luck and be safe.

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