Monday, September 30, 2013

U.S. football at Wembley Stadium!

That's been part of my Sunday here in the UK, watching Pittsburgh and Minnesota go at it. I've told all the neighbors near my daughters that this is the real football, not the stuff they call soccer over here.
As you might guess, I'm not too popular at the moment. But American football seems to be. From the look on TV Wembley Stadium has a good, large crowd.
For this time of the year and especially for the UK, the weather has been great. Almost daily temps have been in the 70's with sunshine and light winds.
Great weather for walking those footpaths I've mentioned previously. Lots of other people must feels the same as I see walkers with their dogs out most days I'm walking.
Bikers too are out and about in large numbers. However, they stick to the paved roads and only go off road where it's permitted.
In the Yorkshire Dales a short distance from here, there are pheasants like I've never seen anywhere. About the only wildlife I see near where we are staying are the dreaded magpies. A large bird, black and white, they kill or chase off every other bird. Song birds and others we are accustomed to seeing at home don't stand a chance.
Areas where I walk are totally devoid of any rabbit sign. Talking with other walkers, there are normally a few to be seen but for some reason, this year there doesn't seem to be a large population.
As far as deer go, I think One would have to go back to the Dales country or further north. By the way,  the Dales is the area that James Herriott wrote about in his books about being a country vet.
He's written several. If you haven't read any, pick one up at your library. The writing will give you a great feel for Yorkshire and the Dales region.

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