Friday, October 29, 2010

At the bird feeder

Cold, windy days, mean only one thing this time of the year. Snow is right around the corner. And that means it's time to get serious about bird feeder over the winter.
On the days it's blowing and feels too cold to go outside, the skies are gray, and it makes you feel like you should have moved to Arizona when you had a chance, take a look out the window at your bird feeder.
It seems that no matter the conditions, some feathered creatures will venture out for a nibble. Some prefer feeding directly from the feeders. Others would rather stay on the ground and nibble the overflow that gets knocked down.
Those pesky squirrels can tell when the feeder is full and given a chance, they'll take it over, leaving others to sit close by until they have had their fill or knocked everything out of the feeding station.
At our home we usually put out black sunflower seeds called oilers, along with some suet. We get a variety of birds, some quite colorful.
Project Feeder Watch in conjunction with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology kicks off on November 13.
Visit to learn more about this program and others Cornell Labs sponsors.
It's practically a sure thing to break up these dreary days, especially if you aren't into any of the hunting sports.

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