Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cross County Ski-closer than you think!

Instead of grumbling about this latest accumulation of snow, try to shift that negative mind-set and think positive. Get outside and enjoy it.
One way is to get some exercise while at the same time having fun. Cross county skiing fits both of those requirements.
While up north getaways-Crystal Mountain, Boynes, Treetops and others-are a great diversion from skiing close to home with amenities can't be beat, there is opportunity right here near home.
Check out Indian Springs Metropark, and it's bigger brother Kensington, boasting plenty of groomed trails and sights that will remind you of being up north.
Not to be overlooked are our county parks. Independence Oaks of course comes to mind. Beginning this Saturday, Jan. 19, cross country ski lessons will be offered at the park.
The $10 fee gives you entry to the park, the lessons and equipment rentals. You'll learn the basics which will provide you with enough to have an enjoyable experience outside during a Michigan winter. For more information visit

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