Friday, January 21, 2011

Teardrops; still popular with hard water anglers

Just when you think not much can change in the teardrop world, out comes new ones better than their older cousins.
Teardrops are those tiny baits you swear wouldn't catch a thing because of their size. But time and again, they fool even the most experienced ice angler.
When you add bait-a mousie, spike, waxworm or minnow-the small, size 18 hook is covered. There's not room for anything more. Maybe that's why fish hit them with so much agression. It looks like too tempting a morsel to pass up.
Whatever the reason, teardrops aren't losing their popularity. At the Ultimate Fishing Show-Detroit, there were several tackle dealers showing their version of this time-worn bait.
Stopper lures had some really tiny ones. I asked what made theirs different from the competitions and was told theirs are made from tungsten.
You might know that we would be getting down to some of these "designer" metals before too long.
Why tungsten? Because it's heavier and gives the bait a faster fall which translates into getting back down to where the fish are, quickly. That is important when fishing through a hole cut in the ice.
Take too much time and those fish below you have a tendency to move off in search of greener pastures. Better make that readily available bait.
Whether you choose these fast falling baits or opt for something that is more standard, carry a good variety of colors, sizes and shapes in a small box every time you go ice fishing.
From bluegills, and perch right up and including crappie and walleye, teardrops bring em' in.

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