Monday, January 17, 2011

KVD has time for everyone

The worlds best bass fisherman, Kalamazoo resident Kevin VanDam is definitely an attraction at fishing shows.
The past Saturday, VanDam appeared at the Ultimate Fishing Show-Detroit. He gave two seminars on the shows Lake Ultimate, then held a Q & A for over an hour in one of the seminar rooms.
And that's Kevin VanDam. He's wildly popular, much sought after, and highly thought of by anglers of all level of experience.
Normally, seminars last about one hour. VanDam's always go longer. That's not his doing, rather it's the crowd that follows him wanting more from KVD.
Once the program is over, he picks his rods and tackle bag up, setting off for the next appointment, meeting or to answer the many messages coming in on this phone.
The trouble is, he never gets far. Following his last Lake Ultimate appearance, I offered to help him carry his equipment. "No thanks, Rog. I've got it," he said.
As he walked down the steps from the lakes dock, there waiting for him had to be a hundred or more people.
They all wanted just a moment with this ambassador of bass fishing. Some were content to be in his presence and listen as he answered questions.
Others asked him to sign a photo, cap, perhaps a favorite lure, or something else they considered worthy of his autograph. Still others asked him to pose for a picture.
Always accommodating, he would set his equipment down, move in next to the person, smile, shake hands, wait for the camera to click, then start out again, trying to get to the confines of the shows office for a quick bathroom break or a bite to eat.
Being Kevin VanDam means more than fishing. It's the part about meeting the public that he does really well. He seems to always have just a little time for every person.
That's just one of the parts that go to making him the great and wonderful person he his. Ever humble and appreciative, make no mistake. He's till the ever consummate fishing tournament contender.
He can go from nice guy to all business quicker than you can say Strike King, one of his sponsors.
A seminar or after seminar experience with VanDam is truly an educational experience.

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  1. I was honored to meet Kevin once and he is very friendly to everyone.