Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter is back!

I hope you weren't fooled with those abnormal temperatures at the tail end of last week. Winter definitely is back.
My grandson Joshua says the ice is great for playing hockey. "It's really nice and smooth since it got cold again," he said.
I always get leery when I see fisherman on the ice when it is so warm. When you add in the rain, you know that ice is melting. Still, diehards were out, sitting on buckets and trying to coax a fish to the bite.
Now that it has been colder for a few days, as the old timers say, "she's makin' ice."
She's also making snow. Not a lot but enough to get those cross country juices flowing again. That could change over the next few days.
Downhill skiing is still going good. It should with all the snow making equipment that's available for ski runs.
In it's 17th year, Discover Michigan Skiing is a program for all manner of snow sports including snowboarding, cross country skiing and downhill.
Many resorts and parks participate in the program offering reduced rates on lessons, ski rentals and lift tickets.
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