Friday, January 7, 2011

One week to Ultimate Fishing Show

A week from today, the Ultimate Fishing Show-Detroit will be into it's second day, having opened on Thursday.
The annual fishing contest is over, questions have been asked and answered, and winners picked. Be sure and get into the contest swing next year when we do this again.
Those of you that plan to attend should do so prepared to learn something new. Do that by visiting any of the manufactures boots where new equipment will be trotted out for you to see and ask questions directly to the folks that make the stuff.
Another, very useful way to learn, is by attending any of the numerous seminars going on practically non-stop. Be sure and consult your show program for topics, times, presenters and where they will be presenting as soon as you arrive at the show.
Professionals spend a lot of time on their presentations and speak from years of experience. Although you won't receive a full blown "masters degree" in any one topic given the amount of time available for presentations, you will come out with a better understanding of the topic.
Hopefully, this will lead you to doing a little study or reading on your own to improve your skills.
So, here's the show tip of the day: Plan ahead. Do that by bring a small back pack, satchel or even one of those "green" bags we now use for groceries.
Put a notebook and pen in it so you're able to jot ideas, tips, websites or anything else you learn that may be of interest.
Into that bag should go business cards of the presenters you may wish to contact at a later date, any material they may hand out at their presentations and any other materials you might pick up at individual booths.
Have a great show and equally great learning experience.

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