Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Stuff!

One item that caught my eye at the Ultimate Fishing Show was a new version of a lure wrap. These wraps are just that. They wrap around lures tied to line on your rod and around the rod.
The wrap helps keep lures from tangling with other rods and lures, getting hooks caught in clothing, carpet, of flesh, and makes it easier to transport rods with lures already tied on.
These are called Lure Secure and are made in Minnesota for this Michigan-based company. One thing that attracted me to these wraps is their transparency.
Being a totally visual person-I need to see things to have an idea-I prefer to see my equipment rather than open pouches and drawers.
The clear material on a Lure Secure allows me, at a glance, to know I have a crankbait, jig or jerkbait tied on.
For corporations, clubs, and other organizations, these wraps can be customized with a logo. Besides adding to the employment here in Michigan, owner Gary Talarico says the company that manufactures his product is helping it's employees.
"This company employs recovering people who have alcohol or drug problems. They work for a year, then the company finds them more permanent jobs." So it's a win, win, win.
First for the people recovering that it helps, next for Michigan workers, and finally for us fishermen.
For more information or call (877) 4FISH11.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Lure Secure. It is a great idea!!! I must have six tackle boxes and my favorite is my big Umco Possum belly with its 12 trays so I can see all the baits at once, gunnel to gunnel. We won't talk about what happens when the box tips over.