Friday, January 28, 2011

Walleye-101; free semars with Lance Valentine to make you a better fisherman

   This Sunday's column is about Walleye-101, the phenomenal fishing seminars presented by Lance Valentine.
   Valentine, who fished the pro walleye circuit for several years found his calling, teaching others how to be better anglers.
   What you see is what you get. He readily shares information with anyone. There are no secret baits, tricks, or fishing spots. Valentine is an open book. Ask him a question and you'll soon find out.
   And hold those thoughts about running out and buying new tackle. "Don't buy anything else until you learn how to use what you already have, then you can go out and fill in your tackle box with the right equipment," Valentine said.
   Another Valentine tip: "Fish one bait or presentation. Leave everything else home. This forces you to pay attention to what you are doing and really fish a jig, crankbait, or whatever else you are using. You'll come away a better fisherman because of it."
   For more information on Walleye-101 seminars, other activites, or products, visit

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