Monday, March 14, 2011

Hitting the trail? Check out some new gear.

   Headed for a backpack trip soon? Better get your house in order before stepping on the trail. "House" in this case refers to the backpack you carry with everything you'll need while on the trail.
   High Peak Sierra Sport has a new pack, the Everest 65-10 that's self adjustable from small to extra large. An internal frame pack, carrying capacity is from 4-5,000 cubic inches.
   While packs may carry more, this is a good in between choice as it forces you to pack a little lighter than going with the idea of throwing all the extras in, just in case.
   Comfortable because you fit it to your body frame, the sternum strap and hip belt help distribute the load evenly making for a more comfortable walk. Visit for more details.
   One thing you must have on any trip is a sure way to start a fire for cooking, warmth or for signalling purposes.
  While matches and lighters may get wet or otherwise become unusable, the FireSteel 2.0 Scout from Light My Fire works in any condition.
   Weighing next to nothing, it's a must for outdoors pursuits of any kind. You can check it out at
   Read about these products in next Sunday's Oakland Press.

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  1. Besides carrying fire making tools I always carry my Leatherman everywhere. Comes from reading to many Jack London novels as a kid.