Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring has arrived-at least in my backyard!

The signs of spring are sure looking good. As a matter of fact, I'm declaring spring has arrived at least in my neck of the woods.    Yesterday, as I was looking out into the backyard, I noticed two red winged black birds. Normally they make their presence known by their singing in the nearby swamp.
   But there they were, trying to get something from the bird feeders. One fed while the other watched, looking down from a nearby telephone line.
   Later the same day toward evening, a robin landed on the ground and began hopping around as if in search for a worm or some other meal.
   Yes, I know some robins winter over. But this past winter I haven't noticed any until now. When you add up the bird sitings along with the sunshine of a couple days ago and temperatures predicted to hit 60-degrees this week, it's fairly safe to say we've come out of the cold months.
   The late J.P. McCarthy used to decry all of the months with "r" in them. He preferred the others for the better weather. I'm beginning to see his point.
   By the weekend I expect to hear the sound of mowers being started for the first time, just to be sure they are running.
   Now to lose some ice so we can slide a kayak in for some early fishing!

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