Monday, March 21, 2011

Tweener season is upon us

   Tweener season is that time of year when we are in between those things we enjoy doing outdoors. While there is still ice on area lakes, it's not safe. Any day now we'll wake up to find the lakes clear of ice.
   That means the boat or kayak stays put a little longer before launch day. Hiking trails are going to be muddy making for sloppy going until the ground thaws enough to get rid of some of this moisture we have and more on the way.
   Even our yards are going to have to wait a little longer for spring clean-up. Ours looks like someone dumped a truck full of oak leaves all over it. And there are no oak trees close by!
   Once it dries out a little, we'll rake them and add them to the compost pile and eventually the garden. Speaking of the garden, our thoughts this year have to do with gardening in contained areas.
   My wife has wanted to do this for a long time and feels we'll get more out of our garden this way. Plus it should be easier to weed.
   Now we need to make the frames that act as containers, mostly rectangular shaped I would think, get a good load of black dirt and get to work.
   It will be fun to give something new a try in the garden. One of neighbors told us last fall he's had it with gardening. It's too much trouble and hard work to be bothered with when you can buy produce at the store or a farmers market.
   That's all true but there is a certain amount of satisfaction and joy not to mention relaxation that come with putting in, growing, and tending a garden. To each his or her own, I guess.

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