Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring can't come too soon

   Each year, spring seems to take its time getting here. We are in a hurry for it to arrive once and for all.
   That's understandable given the part of the country we live in. It's more understandable this year due to record snow levels, cold weather and plenty of those drab, dreary days.
   When you add to that the recent earthquake in Japan followed by the Tsunami that left people homeless- many still missing-high gas prices, and plenty of inter-national strife, a dose of warm, sunny weather may be just what the doctor ordered.
   A neighbor who is a talented gardener, has already begun planting flowers and some vegetables from seed. He'll gradually move those young plants to cold frames he has scattered on the warm side of his house.
   About the time I'm thinking of doing some garden clean up and tilling, he'll be planting some of those little shoots, covering them at night for protection against the frost.
   His biggest competition in gardening comes from all the deer and woodchucks in the area who know from past experience, that he sets a good table.
   The seed catalogues have begun to arrive right along with Bass Pro and Cabelas showing all that is new in the fishing, hiking, paddling world, and what we must have to enjoy our outdoor pursuits to the fullest.
   Bring on spring. Not only will it be a refreshing addition to our daily lives, hopefully with all of the activity warmer weather seems to generate, will help take our minds off all the negative news we seem to be hearing lately.

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