Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Summer travel? Depends on gas prices!

   Here we go again. It seems each spring the question of travelling north for outdoor recreation becomes a big "if" and depends on the cost of gasoline.
   Depending on who you listen to, prices could go as high as $4 a gallon while others seem to think the prices will spike soon-maybe they already have-then get back down to below $3 a gallon.
   If you think you're going to be spending the summer close to home there is plenty to do. Besides the many parks in the area, Oakland County is home to hundreds of inland lakes many of which have public access and launch sites.
   Right there you've saved several gallons of gas by staying close to home. Now for the boat. Instead of a large, gas-guzzling walleye or bass boat, what about a fishing kayak?
   They are relatively cheap when compared to other fishing boats, use muscle power to get around, and don't require a trailer to haul them.
   Easy to launch, you can be on the water and fishing in no time. In fact, you don't need to back down the ramp to get the thing in the water.
   Anyplace you can legally get on a lake will do. Just slide it in off the bank and you're set to go. Of course you won't be able to haul all of the gear you would in a larger boat, but that is part of the fun.
   Planning the trip and what to take. I still go through all of my tackle trying to make decisions as to what to bring. There is always some baits that look great which make me think maybe I should have those along too.
   If these warm months are going to find you staying close to home, think about down-sizing into something you can use on these smaller lakes.
   Don't write summer off yet!

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