Friday, March 18, 2011

Those new gadgets-Use em' for several activities

The new gadgets or you'll be reading about in this Sunday's Oakland Press have more than one use.
   Yes, the backpack is one item that is specific to trails for hiking or overnight stays while hiking or otherwise walking.
   But the Aussie Chiller hat is excellent not only on the trail, but working in the yard, or on the water, when paddling or fishing.
   It's design with the wide brim helps keep those harmful rays of the sun off exposed skin on the face, especially the ears and nose.
   Light My Fire new FireSteel is a great alternative to carry matches or a lighter on the trail, in a canoe or around camp.
   Matches probably won't ever be completely replaced but in the meantime this lightweight, small piece of important equipment is the next best thing. Besides it works when those matches are soaking wet.
   You'll find lots of uses around home, camp, or standing in the middle of your favorite river at night trying to tie a new fly on, for the Irix II headlamp.
   Bright light from the LED's, it's very lightweight, fits nicely on your head using an adjustable band, and allows you to see what is in the fly box, tool chest, or camp chest all the while being hands free.
   Check them out. They can make like a little easier in not compact!

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