Friday, March 25, 2011

Weather is bound to get better-make plans now for warmer days

   The weather must change soon and for the better. That's because of the time of the year, it always does. You can take that to the bank, as they say.
   In the meantime, a good idea is to begin planning a little ahead as to what you would like to do or see once the weather breaks.
   If you think you'll be enjoying part of your summer paddling a canoe or kayak, check out "Michigan Rivers Less Paddled," by Doc Fletcher, 192 pages, from Arbutus Press.
   Descriptions of four Upper Peninsula rivers and 17 Lower Peninsula rivers are mentioned. Only rivers with canoe-kayak liveries and relative contact information are presented.
   Whether the water is fast, time of trips, any obstacles in the water, interesting places in nearby towns, and a place for a bite to eat are helpful.
   An earlier book, "Weekend Canoeing in Michigan," Also by Doc Fletcher, 176 pages, Arbutus Press Publisher, includes twenty rivers with four in the U.P.
   Beginning with the quote, "Everyone must believe in something. I believe I'll go canoeing," by Henry David Thoreau, one river featured is the Huron River in southeast Michigan.
   Readers will notice at the beginning of each chapter the listing for the Detroit Tigers on radio is shown if there is one available.
   Quotes about each river along with selected music the author feels is compatible with a float on that river are featured.
   These books are good for locating liveries on a river you may be interested in paddling, along with contact information.
   For a general, lighthearted overview, one or both of these books might be a good, quick reference guide. In the meantime, find those paddles and PFD"s, get the dry bags out, pick one of these books up and start dreaming about warm weather as you turn the pages, river to river.

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