Friday, March 23, 2012

Bugs are ready to attack!

   The warm weather has been so welcome. It's brought out the tulips, daffodils and other spring flowers. Some fruit trees are bursting will buds ready to blossom.
   Also ready to go on the hunt is Michigan's number one pest, the pesky mosquito. This year, they are joined with a healthy tick population as well.
   Although they haven't been found in Michigan, a new strain of mosquito-the Asian mosquito- has been identified in many close by sates.
   Recognized by the striping on it's body and legs, these insects are smaller than the garden variety but more aggressive. They hang around after being swatted, waiting to drink their fill of blood before going off to lay their eggs in standing water.
   Hunting close to the ground, they are leg and ankle biters. And they don't wait until dusk to attack. Daytime is just fine. A good dose of DEET will help repel them.
   Ticks may be found in yards where lawns adjoin wooded areas. Don't sit directly on the ground or logs. Ticks don't fly but tend to crawl onto you from the ground. They also could be hanging about in trees, sometimes dropping on unsuspecting people out for a walk.
   Stay to the middle of trails, wear light colored clothing and do a periodic check for ticks on yourself, kids and pets.

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