Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New surgeon-second opinion

   Because my shoulder has been on my mind since last summer I thought I would post an update. All infection is gone but I was left with just fair range-of-motion.
   Deciding to counsel with another surgeon and see what a second opinion would be, I was amazed at this Doc's confidence.
   Last Thursday, he operated, forcibly moving the shoulder joint to break it loose. Out of surgery, I found I didn't have near the amount of pain I did when going into it and I had more range- of- motion.
   I see him Monday to have stitches taken out and discuss what the next step will be. There is talk about re-attaching the ligament or doing a replacement.
   I'll have to see if I am up for much more. In the meantime, fishing season seems like it is about ready to bust wide open.
   And here I sit with my business arm-the right one-hanging in a sling. Hope things improve soon!

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