Friday, March 30, 2012

   With the warm spring weather, anglers should be aware that smelt dipping is open on all waters at this time and anglers can take 2 gallons daily. Smelt can be taken by hook/line, hand nets or dip nets. 
   “There is some confusion as there are two Fisheries Orders that appear to conflict with each other and this situation was just brought to our attention,” said Gary Whelan, regulatory affairs supervisor for the Department of Natural Resources' Fisheries Division.
    “We will ensure that our orders are consistent for next year’s fishing and anglers should take advantage of our smelt fishing opportunities at this time.”
For more information on fishing and where the smelt are running in Michigan, visit
   Good luck finding a good smelt run. I haven't heard or talked with anyone in ages that has been smelt dipping or had much success at it.
   Those days of hauling home huge catches of these tasty fish are over I fear. That may have led to their scarcity too. All those "full garbage cans" headed home, many being wasted and left to rot in the family garden.
   If you do happen to find a decent run, take what you can eat and leave the rest. The idea of having a freezer full of smelt has long since run it's course. 

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