Monday, March 26, 2012

Close to home plenty to do

   If gas prices keep you in the neighborhood this vacation season, there is plenty to do. Don't forget all of the lakes in the area with public access, boat ramps and fishing piers to take advantage of.
   Maybe an old-fashioned picnic at a park or state recreation day is something you haven't done in awhile. Chances are if you are a camper, you'll have most of the gear to put together a nice day's outing.
   Cook a meal over a propane stove or charcoal fire, sit or lay out in the sun, read a book, take a hike or wet a line.
   Don't forget to get into the water at some point. It's both refreshing and fun. And being close to water makes for a great day of relaxation.
   We've got all sorts of parks to choose from with a great variety of activities to take part in. And none involve a huge expenditure at the gas pump.

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