Monday, March 12, 2012

March winds cause dry conditions and high fire danger

   Those dry conditions translate into wildfires, especially up north. Areas like Grayling, with their large pine forests and many wooden dwellings are areas of concern.
   With dry conditions in areas where snow has melted, those March winds not only dry out the landscape, but in the event of fire, make it difficult to control.
  Just recently, Oakland County had it's own version of a fire gone wild with the grass fire in the area of Great Lakes Crossing. Smoke from the fire made driving on I-75 dangerous.
   A couple years back, fishing the trout opener near Grayling, a fire got out of hand just south of town and began working it's way north due to windy conditions. In no time, buildings and cabins in the area were threatened.
   We were staying several miles north and west of the fire but could see and smell the smoke as if we were closer. After several hours, the fire was brought under control.
   With dry, windy weather sure to be upon us it's important to be especially careful with fire both at home and around camps. With high wind conditions the best choice is to forego any outside burning. Stay safe and protect the environment!

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