Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kayaks, paddles, and camping; all spring topics

   Don't believe spring has sprung? Just take a look at all the ads for summer flower to brighten the garden, seeds of every description, and solar lights to give your yard a softer look at night.
   Daily, I receive information from manufactures about new camping gear, paddles, pfd's, kayaks, and fishing tackle, all designed to hit the spring market.
   There are questionnaires describing the ten most important things to do when setting up camp, how to react when a bear comes into your campsite, first aid tips and so forth.
   The DNR is in the mix too, warning of dry weather making the risk of wildfires highly possible. Another caution is to leave wildlife alone and in the wild.
   Although most animals and birds haven't had their young quite yet, soon baby birds will be on the ground near nests, and those cute, irresistible fawns will be seen, hidden in a clump of weeds as if abandoned by their mothers.
   Once wildlife is handled or touched by humans it become difficult if not impossible for the young o return to the family fold.
   The best bet is to leave wildlife as you find it. There's a good chance mom or dad are close by watching. There's a reason wildlife is where you find it. Leave it be.

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