Monday, August 13, 2012

Belle Isle-A gem

   For as long as I can remember, Belle Isle has been considered one of those places you go to for fun, relaxation and a chance for a brief getaway from the everyday happenings of life.
   As a little boy I remember the island being lush and green. Even the small carts ponies pulled around were painted a deep, dark, rich forest green.
   Everything was so clean and well kept. When our two oldest boys were just beyond toddler stage we took them for a day's outing to Belle Isle.
   The first thing we noticed was all the trash lying about on those lawns that were once lush and green. Meat bones of every description were just tossed here and there.
   Sand that was once sugary and clean was now nearly black and instead of being a place to walk barefoot or build sand castles, was to be avoided due to all he broken glass in it.
   Trash barrels were overflowing, bathrooms were locked, and the building known as the Casino looked as though it may topple over at any moment.
   Whether the state enters into an agreement to start caring for the park or the City of Detroit gives it a shot there is a lot to be done before it can come back and be referred to as a "Gem."

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