Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pheasants and loss of habitat starts new initative

   The methods farmers use these days and those that fertilize lawns and home gardens aren't the only contributors to loss of pheasant habitat and a decline in populations of birds.
   "We have to take a look at growth. Pheasant habitat doesn't do well on asphalt," DNR's upland game specialist Al Stewart said from his Lansing office.
   Called the Michigan Pheasant Restorative Initiative, Stewart thinks this may be the way to get people involved working together to enhance and promote pheasant populations and hunting.
   "This is a grass roots operation consisting of various partners. They don't need own land or a farm to be involved," Stewart said. "The days of the DNR going it alone are over. We just don't have the resources or manpower,"he said.
   Tune in to this Sunday's column for more information from Stewart as well as a look back to the old days.

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