Friday, August 10, 2012

Branch and Ionia Counties hit by EHD

   Currently, the EHD problem is in Branch and Ionia Counties. The DNR says where the disease is more common, deer build up anti bodies but Michigan deer haven't had the benefit of developing that form of protection.
   Because of a lack of protection, loses could be more severe with population recovering occurring over a longer period of time.
   Property owners who discover dead deer they suspect died of EHD in the vicinity of Branch County should call the Crane Pond field office at 269-244-5928, and in Ionia County contact the Flat River field office at 616-794-2658. In other areas of the state, reports of suspected EHD outbreaks should be made to the nearest DNR office.
   It is acceptable to allow natural deterioration processes to dispose of deer that die from EHD. Natural deterioration will not spread the disease or cause other disease outbreaks.
   For more information on EHD, visit

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