Monday, August 27, 2012

Mosquitos-large, alive, and biting

   A couple weeks back I opined that, in my opinion, the mosquito population was down or at least inactive this year because of the lack of rain.
   Boy was I drone. Soon after came all the reports about an outbreak of West Nile disease brought about by mosquitoes when they bite. They get the disease from infected birds then pass it to humans. Lucky us!
   Late yesterday afternoon and early evening I went outside to do some chores before dark. I wasn't there very long when Michigan's Airforce; those pesky mosquito's, made their presence known.
   Without putting up a fight, I was back in the house in no time. Bottom line: Mosquito's are definitely out and active.
   Get the spray, long sleeve, light colored shirts, cap and long pants on if you intend to go outside in the evening. Take precautions so you don't wind up being stung.

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