Friday, August 17, 2012

Salmon-A Michigan Fall Favorite

   Salmon have been gathering for their annual migrations up streams to spawn, according to reports. Catches on the west side of Michigan have been have been good.
   Charters are receiving a good business from the fishing community which is due in large part to the good catches charter captains have been getting.
   I hope the fish are still there in a couple of weeks. That's when a group of us plan on fishing them from kayaks.
   It's a yearly event that attracts a newcomer or two every year. I've missed the last couple due to obligations, but have the green light for this year's event.
   I'll join others near Sleeping Bear stand dunes in hopes of hooking into one of these large fish that, caught on a line from a kayak take boat and angler for a nice ride on Lake Michigan.
   Slowly, gear is getting sorted and organized, ready for the northbound trip. Hopefully, the salmon will still be on the run.

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