Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weather and days-They're a changin'

   No need to consult the calendar. You can almost feel the subtle changes in the weather and more directly, the temperatures.
   What's all this mean? Fall and it's companion hunting seasons are closer than you think. I hesitate to say it, but some of those maple trees that have been dressed in green leaves recently are beginning to show some of their distinctive fall colors.
   All we need now is to see signs along the road advertising deer feed for sale. That is if there are any veggies left to be harvested for deer feed.
   This Sunday's column has to do with the availability of the kinds of food hunters rely on for baiting deer. This year could be a big shortage due to the lousy weather we've experienced.
   Not only will hunters possible gave to learn to hunt all over again but farmers that depend on the income these crops provide will feel the financial pinch.

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